“A leader is one who knows the way,goes the way,and shows the way”

                                                                                                — John Maxwell

The Investiture ceremony 2024-25 of St Mary’s P.U College was held on Friday, June 14th to imbibe Leadership Quality among the students. The serene aura commenced with a meaningful prayer service. Sr. Maria Kripa A.C (Correspondent and local superior of St Mary’s Institution) and Sr. Marie Lucy (Administrator of St Mary’s P.U College) graced the occasion.

Sr. Mary Lucy and Sr. Maria Kripa were given a floral welcome by Mrs. Thanujakshi (Lecturer in Economics) and Mrs. Smitha Karat (Lecturer in Biology) respectively. The ceremonial lightning of the auspicious lamp by the dignitaries initiated the inaugural ceremony. Mrs. Vijayalakshmi welcomed the gathering and then administered the oath. The cabinet members were introduced by Mrs. Shyamala (Student council coordinator) and they were adorned with badges and sashes by Sr. Mary Lucy and Sr. Maria Kripa. The cabinet members pledged that they would carry out their duties with integrity, faith and excellence. Ms Alishba ( College President ) and Ms. Sehidabhi Nihaisha (College Secretary) unfurled the college flag as a symbolic gesture to begin with the new academic year.

Sr.Maria Kripa addressed the gathering. In her address she emphasized to build a faith filled trust in God. She quoted,”Education is meant to draw best from you”. She explained what leadership and commitment means and urged the student leader to be a role model for others. She also stressed to build leadership qualities and excel in their career. Sr. Mary Lucy congratulated all the newly elected cabinet members and also applauded Mrs. Shyamala and Ms. Supriya for coordinating the program. She gave an inspiring message to all the students on character building, hard work, how to be responsible and dedicated towards their duties.

Following the formal program, students of II Sci enthralled everyone with their captivating dance performance and also they performed a skit showcasing the importance of “Unity in Strength”. The idea behind the phrase is that when people work together, they are more potent than when they work alone. The program was compered by Souhan from II Sci and Alishba (College president) expressed gratitude to all concerned for the success of the program

The program concluded with the National Anthem and a photo session with the newly elected cabinet members.

The newly elected Student Council members are:

  1. Alishba Salma – Student President
  2. Sehidabhi Nihaisha – Secretary
  3. Rajeshwari Undi & Shafathunisa – Cultural Secretary
  4. Anisha Fatima – Sports Secretary
  5. Shahla – Science Secretary
  6. Riham Hazara – Commerce Secretary
  7. Zainaba & Niza Rukiya – Discipline and value education secretary
  8. Ayishathul Rayyana – Library and Notice board In charge
  9. Kadeeja Naseeha – Eco club Secretary
  10. Fathima Reeham- Student Welfare Secretary

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