St Mary’s PUC- Teachers Day Celebration

“Its is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge”- Albert Einstein

Teachers’ day began with Principal greeting the Teachers individually with a flower, chocolate and a gift. A beautiful prayer service was conducted by Sr.Sahaya Mary principal where all the teachers lighted the lamps, offered flowers to Infant Mary  along with the students ,we also prayed for all girl children.

Teachers’Day celebration was celebrated at St Mary’s P.U College, Mangalore on 5th September 2023 in the college auditorium. Teachers play a pivotal role in shaping the students future. To commemorate the occasion all the students expressed their gratitude and appreciation towards their lecturers. The day began with a prayer song and prayer service in the chapel celebrating girl child day

Student council members presented flowers and greeting cards and small token of appreciation to the teaching staff. The program began at 2p.m with a prayer song and prayer service invoking blessings of the Almighty. Students presented a series of cultural performances that included dances, songs and skits. These performances not only entertained but also conveyed message of gratitude and admiration for the teaching staff. Amusing and entertaining games were conducted by the student council members. They honored their lecturers with prizes and gifts to make the day a memorable for them. To give heartwarming gratitude  to their lecturers students prepared a short video which was the essence of the day and appreciated by all the faculty members.

The program concluded with principal’s address. The college principal Sr Sahaya Mary extended her gratitude to all the students and appreciated the college cabinet members for their wonderful coordination in organizing the program. Sara Nihaf (college president) compered the program, Afrin Banu [ Cultural sectretary   ]     welcomed the gathering and  proposed the vote of thanks.


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